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Welcome to Devo Tek seeds

Welcome to Devo Tek seeds

Company Overview
Tohum Co., Ltd. (D.T.seeds) is in the business of Hybrid vegetable seeds breeding, production, and marketing. D.T. Tohum is hosting a large demonstration in Antalya of the (D. T. Tohum) Product line which is to be marketing globally. And supply Commercial growers with high quality vegetables seeds.
DEVO TEK TOHUM focusing on the crops vegetables seeds varieties. After years of development in Turkey, our company has developed into a professional seed company dealing with:
• Tomato
• Pepper
• Eggplant
• Cucumber
• Watermelon
• Melon
• Squash
• Cauliflower
• Cabbage
• Rootstock
• Sunflower
A technical team has engaged in the varieties breeding, research and development, production, sales and post-sale services. To meet the market Expectation and exceeding that, our seed products are outstanding varieties selected from thousands of promising breeding lines. Extension of these varieties has satisfied broad consumers’ the demand of “new, strange, health and safety” products.


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