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Cauliflower – Brassica oleraceavar. botrytis

DT 55 F1

Hot tolerance. Plants are early, erect, excellent tolerant to hot, can be harvested in 55 days from transplanting.
Heads are round, uniform, very firm, white, WEIGHT: 1.2kg.

DT 60 F1

New variety. Plant is semi- erect. Doom head weight about 1.4 kg, very compact, firm,
suitable for growing in mid-land in temperate area, and good for shipping and storage. It can beharvested 60- -65 days after transplanted.

DT 65 F1

Hot-tolerance. Plant is erect. Head is covered by leaves slightly, with pure white and compact heads, about 1.2 kg. It can be harvested after 65 days from transplanting.

DT 75 F1

Plant is erect with excellent inner wrapper leaves. High domed head weight about 2.5 kg, compact, all covered by leaves, It can be
harvested 75 days after transplanting.

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